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Sandy Foster: Caramelize

Sandy Foster: Caramelize (FGSOF07)

Sandy Foster

FGSOF07 (CD, Canada, March 2007)


Sandy Foster, vocals, keyboards;
Kevin Andrews, flute, drums;
Glenn Durksen, upright bass;
Andrew Glover, keyboards;
Wes Yaciuk, guitar

with guests
Miles Black, keyboards;
René Worst, upright bass


  1. Still
  2. Let’s Go for a Walk
  3. Where Can You Be
  4. Blind Fish
  5. Stay Awhile
  6. To Be Two
  7. My Romance
  8. Livin’ on Love
  9. Who Knows Where the Time Goes
  10. Bye, Bye Blackbird
  11. That’s All

Track 9 Sandy Denny