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Serafina Steer: The Moths Are Real

Serafina Steer: The Moths Are Real (Stolen Recordings SR063)

The Moths Are Real
Serafina Steer

Stolen Recordings SR063 (CD, UK, January 2013)

Produced by Jarvis Cocker;
Recorded at The Way Studios, The Square, Konk, Fish Factory and St Leonards Church variously between December 2011 and June 2012;
Mastered by Duncan Cowell at Sound Mastering;
Artwork by Pully Huggett;
Cover photo by Rachael Robb;
Layout by Sam Steer


Serafina Steer: vocals, harp, keyboards;
Benge, The Boxettes, Leo Chadburn, Jarvis Cocker, David Coulter, David Cunningham, Steve Mackey, Alasdair Malloy, The Manchester String Quartet (Natalie Purton, Holly Battacharya, Benedikt Taylor, Rachael Lander), Kohhei Matsuda, Seb Rochford


  1. Night Before Mutiny (5.01)
  2. Machine Room (3.17)
  3. Ballad of Brick Lane (3.29)
  4. Lady Fortune (4.31)
  5. Skinny Dipping (3.31)
  6. The Removal Man (4.13)
  7. World of Love (3.46)
  8. Has Anyone Ever Liked You? (1.53)
  9. Island Odessy (3.10)
  10. Alien Invasion (3.39)
  11. Disco Compilation (4.36)
  12. The Moths Are Real (4.12)

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