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Shooglenifty: A Whisky Kiss

Shooglenifty: A Whisky Kiss (Greentrax CDTRAX106)

A Whisky Kiss

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX106 (CD, UK, 1996)

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Produced by Jim Sutherland;
Recorded by Stuart Hamilton at Castle CaVa Studios;
Photographs of Shooglenifty by Manolo Nieto;
Mask by Hannah Campbell;
Kilt pin by Brenda Temple,
Sleeve design and electronic montage images by John Haxby


Ian M. MacLeod: mandolin, tneor banjo;
Angus R. Grant: fiddle;
Garry Finlayson: banjo, banjax;
Malcolm Crosbie: acoustic guitar, electric guitar;
Conrad Ivitsky: bass;
James Mackintosh: drums, percussion, piano


  1. Da Eye Wifey / Woods Number 1 (7.46)
  2. She's in the Attic / Hey Goat (5.46)
  3. A Song for Susie (4.39)
  4. A Whisky Kiss (6.04)
  5. Good Drying: Flick It Up and Catch It / The Creepy Zone / Good Drying (5.34)
  6. Hoptsoi (8.03)
  7. The Price of a Pig / Crabbit Shona / Bancroft's Descent (5.39)
  8. Farewell to Nigg (5.08)

Tracks 1ab, 4, 5b, 7c Ian M. MacLeod;
Tracks 2ab, 7b Angus R. Grant;
Tracks 3 Garry Finlayson;
Track 5a Jim Sutherland;
Track 5c Roddy (R.S.) MacDonald;
Track 6 Kari Reiman;
Track 7a trad. arr. Shooglenifty;
Track 8 Duncan Johnstone