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Six Hands in Tempo: Desperate Digits

Six Hands in Tempo: Desperate Digits (Plant Life PLR054)

Desperate Digits
Six Hands in Tempo

Plant Life Records PLR054 (LP, UK, 1983)

Recorded by Andy Terry at Rainbow Sound Studios, Nottingham;
Produced by Six Hands in Tempo and Andy Terry;
Mastered by Jack Adams at Tape One, London;
Photography: Mark Leuty;
Sleeve Layout: Ian Pacey


Steve Bailey: guitar, vocals, melodeon, bass, glockenspiel, Casio VL1, claps;
Alan Harris: guitar, vocals, bass, tenor banjo, concertina, claps;
Dave Proctor: guitar, vocals, concertina, bass, piano, vibroslap, drum synthesiser, claps;
Andy Terry, Rita Beard: additional claps [6];
John Kirkpatrick: button accordion [10];
Denny Plowman: cymbals [11];
The Narrow Folk Club, Nottingham: audience [11]


Side 1

  1. 42nd Street (3.25)
  2. Swinging in a Hammock (3.49)
  3. We Own a Salon (3.06)
  4. Change Partners (3.36)
  5. Painting the Clouds with Sunshine (3.35)
  6. Folk on 45: Dido Bendigo / Black Velvet Band / Sovay / Princess Royal / Wild Mountain Thyme / My Johnny Was a Shoemaker / Wild Rover / Streets of London / Mountain Dew / Gaudete / Shepherd’s Hey / Lord of the Dance / Fiddlers’ Green (Roud 26370) (5.20)

Side 2

  1. When I Take My Sugar to Tea (2.49)
  2. Dimming of the Day (5.11)
  3. Hawaiian War Chant (Ta-hu-wa-hu-wai) (3.03)
  4. Falling in Love Again (3.44)
  5. 8-Minute Prom (8.53)

Track 1 Al Dubin, Harry Warren;
Track 2 Pete Wendling, Charles O’Flynn, Tot Seymour;
Track 3 Charles Adler, George Kelly, Jimmy Kern;
Track 4 Irving Berlin;
Track 5 Joe Burke, Al Dubin;
Track 6 trad. arr. Steve Bailey, Alan Harris except 6h Ralph McTell, 6l Sydney Carter, 6m John Connelly;
Track 7 Sammy Fain, Pierre Norman, Irving Kahal;
Track 8 Richard Thompson;
Track 9 Noble, Kressling, Freed, Leleichehei;
Track 10 Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte;
Track 11 Steve Bailey, Alan Harris, Dave Proctor