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Songs by Bairns

Various: Songs by Bairns (Fitlike)

Songs by Bairns
Various Artists

Fitlike Records (DL, UK, 4 April 2016)

Musicians were invited to create pieces of music around the words, poems or stories of children. Songs by Bairns is the result. All proceeds from the compilation will go to The ARCHIE Foundation.

Artwork illustration by 7 year old Oskar Longmuir and is of his grandparents’ house.


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  1. Jenny Sturgeon: I Love Dogs (2.25)
  2. Depeche Choad: Dead Mole Party (1.42)
  3. Matricarians: Egg Upon My Knee (4.17)
  4. Stephen Podlesny (feat. Heidi): The Boy from Hoomaloona (2.22)
  5. Colin Clyne: Rock a Rock a Diddle (1.27)
  6. Death Let Her: Death ti a the Pincils (Reverberate) (3.17)
  7. CS Buchan (feat. Bruno): Smelly Peanuts (2.00)
  8. Best Girl Athlete (feat. Iris): Bellow (1.57)