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Steamchicken: Look Both Ways

Steamchicken: Look Both Ways (Chicken STEAM16/3)

Look Both Ways

Chicken Records STEAM16/3 (CD, UK, 10 March 2017)

Recorded and mastered by John Rivers;
Photography by Elly Lucas;
Logo by Lisa Lindsay;
Sleeve design by Mandy Sutton and Amy Kakoura


Andrew Sharpe, keyboards;
Joe Crum, drums;
Amy Kakoura, vocals, backing vocals;
Katy Oliver, trumpet;
Mandy Sutton, tenor saxophone;
Becky Eden-Green, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass;
Matt Crum, soprano saxophone, melodeon, synthesiser;
Ted Crum, harmonica, bass


  1. Jericho (3.28)
  2. Brigg Fair (Roud 1083) (2.54)
  3. When I Get Low I Get High (2.54)
  4. Western Approaches (4.46)
  5. Gipsy (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278; Henry H124) (5.29)
  6. Oh Mary (Roud 11823) (4.08)
  7. Big Tin Horn (2.57)
  8. Foot Falling (4.05)
  9. Mary and the Soldier (Roud 2496; G/D 1:91; Henry H782) (3.26)