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Sugar Ray & The Blue Tones: Knockout

Sugar Ray & The Blue Tones: Knockout (Special Delivery SPD 1021)

Sugar Ray & The Blue Tones

Rounder Records (LP, USA, 1989)
Special Delivery (Topic Records) SPD 1021 (LP, UK, 1989)

Produced by Ron Levy for Levtron Productions;
Pre-production: Geoge Lewis and Sugar Ray Norcia;
Engineers: Drew Townson, Paul Arnold, Richard Mendelson;
Recorded at Newbury Sound, Inc. Boston, Mass. and Long Vie Farm, North Brookfield, MA;
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford/Wayne, New York City;
Executive producer: Lucky Colaluca;
Photography by John Soares;
Art direction by Scott Billington;
Design by Nancy Given


Sugar Ray Norcia, vocals, harmonica, squeeze box;
Kid Bangham, guitar;
Anthony “B.B.” Geraci, piano, organ;
Michael “Mudcat” Ward, Fender bass;
Neil Gouvin, drums

Gregg Mazel, tenor and baritone saxophones;
Tom “La Bumba” Mahfood, tenor saxophone;
Monica Lauderdale, Gail Parker, backing vocals


Side 1Side 2
  1. Radiates That Charm (2.55)
  2. I’m Your Professor (3.24)
  3. Talk to Me (3.00)
  4. Lucy Mae Blues (3.03)
  5. Mouth on Fire (2.32)
  6. I’m Tortured (4.20)
  1. Sally Sue Brown (2.57)
  2. Hope Valley (3.09)
  3. I’m Not Ashamed (2.44)
  4. He’s Gone Away (4.06)
  5. Bit the Dust (4.12)
  6. I Could Have (Loved You) (3.08)

Track 1 Ron & Jimmy Isle;
Track 2 Ron Levy;
Track 3 Elmore James;
Track 4 Frankie Lee Sims;
Tracks 5-6 Ray Norcia, D. Bangham;
Track 7 Arthur Alexander, Terry Stafford, Elliott Montgomery;
Track 8 Michael Ward;
Track 9, Joseph Scott, Don Robey;
Tracks 10-12 Ray Norcia