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Sugar Ray & The Blue Tones: Knockout

Sugar Ray & The Blue Tones: Knockout (Special Delivery SPD 1021)

Sugar Ray & The Blue Tones

Rounder Records (LP, USA, 1989)
Special Delivery (Topic Records) SPD 1021 (LP, UK, 1989)

Produced by Ron Levy for Levtron Productions;
Pre-production: Geoge Lewis and Sugar Ray Norcia;
Engineers: Drew Townson, Paul Arnold, Richard Mendelson;
Recorded at Newbury Sound, Inc. Boston, Mass. and Long Vie Farm, North Brookfield, MA;
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford/Wayne, New York City;
Executive producer: Lucky Colaluca;
Photography by John Soares;
Art direction by Scott Billington;
Design by Nancy Given


Sugar Ray Norcia: vocals, harmonica, squeeze box;
Kid Bangham: guitar;
Anthony “B.B.” Geraci: piano, organ;
Michael “Mudcat” Ward: Fender bass;
Neil Gouvin: drums

Gregg Mazel: tenor and baritone saxophones;
Tom “La Bumba” Mahfood: tenor saxophone;
Monica Lauderdale, Gail Parker: backing vocals


Side 1

  1. Radiates That Charm (2.55)
  2. I’m Your Professor (3.24)
  3. Talk to Me (3.00)
  4. Lucy Mae Blues (3.03)
  5. Mouth on Fire (2.32)
  6. I’m Tortured (4.20)

Side 2

  1. Sally Sue Brown (2.57)
  2. Hope Valley (3.09)
  3. I’m Not Ashamed (2.44)
  4. He’s Gone Away (4.06)
  5. Bit the Dust (4.12)
  6. I Could Have (Loved You) (3.08)

Track 1 Ron & Jimmy Isle;
Track 2 Ron Levy;
Track 3 Elmore James;
Track 4 Frankie Lee Sims;
Tracks 5-6 Ray Norcia, D. Bangham;
Track 7 Arthur Alexander, Terry Stafford, Elliott Montgomery;
Track 8 Michael Ward;
Track 9, Joseph Scott, Don Robey;
Tracks 10-12 Ray Norcia