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Susan Cowsill: Just Believe It

Susan Cowsill: Just Believe It (Blue Rose BLU CD0338)

Just Believe It
Susan Cowsill

Blue Rose Records BLU CD0338 (CD, Germany, November 2004)
Blue Corn Music (CD, USA, October 2005)

Just Believe It (Blue Corn)

Produced by Russ Broussard, Susan Cowsill, Chris Knotts, Rob Savoy and Curry Weber;
Recorded by Curry Weber at Dockside Studios, Maurice, La.
except track 11 recorded and produced by Mark Bryan;
Mastered by John Fishbach at Piety Street Recording, New Orleans, La.


Susan Cowsill: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, tambourin, piano, triangle;
Russ Broussard: drums, percussion, guitar, vocals;
Chris Knotts: electric and acoustic guitars, piano, glockenspiel, strumstick, vocals;
Rob Savoy: electric and acoustic bass, glockenspiel, vocals


  1. Wawona Morning (1.18)
  2. Palm of My Hand (3.20)
  3. Christmas Time (3.39)
  4. Just Believe It (4.43)
  5. I Know You Know (Love) (3.49)
  6. Wawona Afternoon (1.15)
  7. Nanny’s Song (5.47)
  8. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (5.44)
  9. Gazebo (4.35)
  10. Wawona Twilight (1.04)
  11. Talkin’ (3.31)
  12. Crazy (5.32)
  13. White Light of Winter (4.28)
  14. Wawona Night (1.20)

Tracks 1-2, 10, 14 Susan Cowsill, Russ Broussard;
Tracks 3-5, 7, 9, 11-13 Susan Cowsill;
Tracks 6 Susan Cowsill, Russ Broussard, Mark Meanx;
Track 8 Sandy Denny