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Tabache: Are You Willing?

Tabache: Are You Willing? (Lochshore CDLDL 1283)

Are You Willing?

Lochshore Records CDLDL 1283 (CD, UK, 1996)

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Produced by Kevin Key and Tabache;
Recorded and mixed by Kevin Key at Cava Sound Studios, Glasgow;
Photography by Gordon Hotchkiss;
Graphics by DGG Graphics Ltd, Glasgow


Aidan O’Rourke: fiddle;
Claire Mann: flute, fiddle, vocals, whistles

Tony McManus: guitar;
Stevie Lawrence: percussion


  1. Obsessive Island: Obsessive Island / Claire’s Jig / Dennis Langtou’s / Calum Findlay (5.09)
  2. Marches: Cameron Highlanders / Train Journey North / Lachlan McPhail of Tiree (4.01)
  3. Lily of the West (Roud 957; Laws P29; Henry H578) (4.29)
  4. Jigs of Brown Ale: Jug of Brown Ale / Tony O’Sullivan’s / The Lisnagun Jig (4.08)
  5. The Knight on the Road (Roud 20; Child 3) (3.10)
  6. Punch in the Face: Lads of Laois / Punch in the Dark (3.13)
  7. Cregg’s Pipes Set: Th Gneevguillia Reel / Are You Willing? / Hanley’s Tweed / Niamh’s Capers / Cregg’s Pipes (6.02)
  8. Slow Air (3.17)
  9. The Road to Clady (Roud 6336; G/D 5:956) (4.34)
  10. Promised Rain: Miss Patricia Meagher / Promised Rain / Splendid Isolation / McFadden’s Handsome Daughter (4.41)
  11. Galway Bay: Galway Bay / Craigellachie Brig / Micho Russell’s Mason’s Apron (4.37)

All tracks trad. arr. Tabache except
Tracks 1ab Claire Mann;
Track 2a James Scott Skinner;
Track 2b Tom Anderson;
Track 2c Pter MacFarquhar;
Track 4b Tony O’Sullivan;
Track 4c Brandon Ring;
Track 6b Gerry ‘Banjo’ O’Connor, Kevin Doherty, Cathal Hayden, Gino Lupari;
Track 7d Gerry ‘Banjo’ O’Connor;
Track 10a Andy M. Stewart;
Track 10b Davy Spillane;
Track 10c Brendan McGlinchy;
Track 11a Dr Arthur Colahan, McCullough, Pigot;
Track 11b William M. Marshall;

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Tabache: Waves of Rush

Tabache: Waves of Rush (Lochshore CDLDL 1283)

Waves of Rush

Lochshore Records CDLDL 1283 (CD, UK, 1999)

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Produced by Donald Shaw;
Recorded by Grant Milne and Donald Shaw at Sevret Music, Glasgow;
Mastered by Paul McGeechan at Paw Paw Productions;
Band photography by Davie Harrold;
Live photography by Vivienne M. Bloomfield;
Sleeve photography by Eolas Productions Ltd.;
Graphics by Divers Design


Aidan O’Rourke: fiddle;
Claire Mann: flute, fiddle, vocals, whistles

Malcolm Stitt: guitar, bouzouki;
Neil Cameron: double bass;
Donald Hay: percussion;
Marc Duff: bodhrán;
Donald Shaw: keyboards;
Rory Campbell: border pipes


  1. Waves of Rush: Waves of Rush / The Duke of Fyfe’s Welcome to Deeside / Touching Cloth (5.21)
  2. Castle Grant: Braes of Castle Grant / J.S. Skinner strathspey / J.S. Skinner reel / Loch Glossie / Up Downy (7.10)
  3. Helen of Kirkconnell (Roud 8191) (4.13)
  4. Jack’s Christening: The Blacksmith’s Reel / Hamishg Moore’s / Jack’s Christening / Traditional Irish Jig (5.21)
  5. The Quiet Place (An t-Aité Samhach) (3.19)
  6. SlipSlide: Frank Mor’s / Nelly Mahony’s / Matt Doly’s Slide / Poirt an Deorai / Super Scott (6.41)
  7. The Bay of Biscay (Roud 22567) (3.11)
  8. Machrivanish: Ca’ the Ewes / The Slovenian Chicken / Ian MacPherson’s / Machrivanish (5.23)
  9. The Newry Highwayman (Roud 490; Laws L12; G/D 2:260) (3.13)
  10. The Sound of Seil: Norman Holmes’ / The Best Day of My Life / Sound of Seil / Bobby Casey’s (6.11)

Tracks 1a, 4c, 5, 8bd, 10bc Aidan O’Rourke;
Track 1b James Scott Skinner;
Track 1c James Kelly;
Track 2a Duncan McDonald 1863, parts 2 & 3; J.C. MacLennon;
Tracks 2bc James Murdoch;
Track 2d Tola Custy;
Tracks 3, 4ad, 6b-d, 7, 8a, 9, 10d trad. arr. Tabache;
Track 4b Fred Morrison;
Track 6a Manus Lunny;
Track 6e George Johnstone;
Track 8c Iain MacPherson;
Track 10a Norman Holmes

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