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Why do terns fly in pairs?
One good tern deserves another.

Shetland Reel

Tern: Shetland Reels (Tern)

Shetland Reels

Tern (DL single, UK, 31 March 2023)


Rose Logan (Scotland), Kristina Leesik (Sweden): fiddles;
Lea Søndergaard Larsen (Denmark): bodhrán;
Miguel Girão (Portugal): guitar;
Amy Laurenson (Scotland): piano


  1. Shetland Reels (4.44)

Track 1 trad., three Auld Reels taken from two of the most emblematic collections of music from Shetland, Da Mirrie Dancers and Ringing Strings, both by Tom Anderson and Tom Georgeson (1970).