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Terry Allen: Lubbock (on Everything)

Terry Allen: Lubbock (on Everything) (Special Delivery SPT 1007/8)

Lubbock (on Everything)
Terry Allen

Fate Records 33996 (2 LP, USA, 1978)
Special Delivery (Topic Records) SPT 1007/8 (2 LP, UK, 1988)

Recorded at Caldwell Studios in Lubbock, Texas;
Engineered and mastered by Don Caldwell and Lloyd Maines;
Produced by everyone on this record;
Executive producer: Jack Lemon;
Front photograph by Jo Harvey Allen


Terry Allen: piano, vocals;
Lloyd Maines: pedal steel, acoustic and electric guitars, dobro, mandolin, tenor banjo, bell tree;
Kenny Maines: bass;
Curtis McBride: drums;
Alan Shinn: percussion, marimba, jawbone, skin castanets;
Richard Bowden: fiddle;
Ponty Bone: accordion;
Don Caldwell: saxophone;
Joe Ely: harmonica;
Luis Martinez: jazz guitar [11];
Jesse Talor: flatland guitar [17];
Tommie Anderson: trumpet;
Mark Anthony: trombone;
Russ Standefer: tuba;
Ruth Ann Truncale, Susan Allen: violins;
Leslie Blackburn: viola;
Karen Black: cello


Side 1

  1. Amarillo Highway (for Dave Hickey) (3.55)
  2. Highplains Jamboree (3.28)
  3. The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy) (4.38)
  4. The Wolfman of Del Rio (5.34)
  5. Lubbock Woman (3.36)

Side 2

  1. The Girl Who Danced Oklahoma (4.14)
  2. Truckload of Art (3.15)
  3. The Collector (and the Art Mob) (2.02)
  4. Oui (A French Song) (2.20)
  5. Rendezvous USA (32.35

Side 3

  1. Cocktails for Three (2.50)
  2. The Beautiful Waitress (5.39)
  3. High Horse Momma (3.00)
  4. Blue Asian Reds (for Roadrunner) (3.43)
  5. New Delhi Freight Train (7.40)

Side 4

  1. FFA (1.17)
  2. Flatland Farmer (4.23)
  3. My Amigo (3.15)
  4. The Pink and Black Song (4.03)
  5. The Thirty Years War Waltz (for Jo Harvey) (6.19)
  6. I Just Left Myself (2.05)

All lyrics and music written by Terry Allen