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The Teller of Tales

Terry Docherty: The Teller of Tales (Fellside FE001)

The Teller of Tales
Terry Docherty

Fellside Recordings FE001 (LP, UK, 1976)

Recorded and produced by Paul Adams at Fellside Recordings, Workington, Cumbria;
Artwork by Mary Blood


Terry Docherty, guitar, vocals;
Martin Dunn, flute;
John Reay, guitar;
John Watson, piano, bass guitar;
Tom Smirthwaite, mouth harp


Side 1Side 2
  1. Sunshine Lady (3.37)
  2. The Fool (5.00)
  3. Robert's Book of Nasty Facts (4.17)
  4. 'Snot Rag (2.42)
  5. Stone Harbour (5.32)
  1. The Teller of Tales (4.20)
  2. February Song (4.20)
  3. Talking Infantile Psycho Blues (3.45)
  4. The Great American Dream (3.48)
  5. Martin (5.27)

All tracks written by Terry Docherty

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