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The Canny Band

The Canny Band: The Canny Band (The Canny Band CAN001CD)

The Canny Band
The Canny Band

The Canny Band CAN001CD (CD, UK, 18 April 2022)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Turnbull at SAE Institute Glasgow and Paxton House;
Piano recorded on location at Pixton House, Berwick upon Tweed


Sam Mabbett: accordion;
Michael Biggins: piano;
Callum Convoy: bodhrán

Jack Badcock: vocals and guitar [8]


  1. Granny’s 93rd: Alan and Paul’s / Lament for the Creme Eggs / Granny’s 93rd (4.52)
  2. Blind Harbour: Blind Harbour / Walking on Water (5.31)
  3. 5 Tunes: Tune in 5 / The 5 Tune (4.48)
  4. Marit’s: Polska for Marit Fält (3.55)
  5. Helen’s Song (4.48)
  6. Musette à Govan: Annaliese / Musette à Govan (4.51)
  7. Jacob’s Waltz: Jacob’s Waltz / Michael’s Jig / Sam’s Jig (7.18)
  8. The Canopy (3.31)
  9. O’Carolan’s: O’Carolan’s Concerto / The Maids of Mitchelstown / Skye Tune (4.06)

Track 1a Michael Biggins;
Tracks 1bc, 3a, 7b Sam Mabbett;
Track 2a David Munnelly;
Track 2b Julian Sutton;
Track 3b Laura Cortese;
Track 4 Nathan Armstrong;
Track 5 Hamish Napier;
Track 6a Jan Ekedahl;
Track 6b Michael Biggins, Sam Mabbett;
Tracks 7ac Michael Biggins;
Track 8 Jack Badcock;
Track 9a Turlough O’Carolan;
Tracks 9bc trad.