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The Elizabethan Session

The Elizabethan Session (Quercus QRCD001)

The Elizabethan Session
One week—eight artists. New music inspired by the Elizabethan Age

Quercus Records QRCD001 (CD, UK, September 8, 2014)

Music inspired by the Elizabethan age, commissioned by the English Folk Dance and Song Society and Folk by the Oak, the annual music festival based at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I.

Created at Monnington House, Monnington-on-Wye,March 14-20, 2014;
Recorded at Kennedy Hall, Cecil Sharp House, and The Old Palace, Hatfield House, in March 22-23, 2014;
Produced, recorded and mixed by Andy Bell;
Assistant engineer James Hodgeson;
Photography by Elly Lucas


Martin Simpson, vocals, guitar, banjo;
Nancy Kerr, vocals, fiddle, viola;
Jim Moray, vocals, piano, harpsichord, organ;
Bella Hardy, vocals, fiddle;
John Smith, vocals, acoustic, tenor, electric and hi-strung guitars;
Emily Askew, recorders, violin, vielle, frame drum, bells, hurdy-gurdy;
Hannah James, vocals, piano accordion, clogs;
Rachel Newton, vocals, harps, viola


  1. The Shores of Hispaniola (4.13)
  2. London (4.07)
  3. Christopher Marlowe (2.24)
  4. Love-in-Idleness (3.43)
  5. Eve's Apology in Defence of Women / Gather the Owls (5.01)
  6. Broadside (2.57)
  7. Elizabeth Spells Death (3.05)
  8. Come Live with Me (4.39)
  9. The Straight Line and the Curve (4.12)
  10. True Lover's Knot Untied / The Great Hall (3.36)
  11. The Monnington Pavane / Ortiz Ground (2.57)
  12. The Oak Casts His Shadow (3.36)
  13. Hatfield (3.52)
  14. Suspicious Mind (4.39)

Tracks 1, 12 Nancy Kerr;
Track 2 John Smith;
Track 3 Martin Simpson;
Tracks 4, 13 Bella Hardy;
Track 5 Rachel Newton, Emily Askew, Hannah James, words by Amelia Lanyer;
Track 6 Nancy Kerr, John Smith, Martin Simpson;
Track 7 Martin Simpson, John Smith;
Track 8 trad., Rachel Newton, Emily Askew;
Track 9 Jim Moray;
Track 10 Emily Askew, Hannah James;
Track 11a Emily Askew;
Track 11b Emily Askew, Diego Ortiz (1510-1570);
Track 14 John Smith, Nancy Kerr


The Elizabethan Session at Hatfield House, March 20, 2014:

The Elizabethan Session at Cecil Sharp House, March 2014: