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The English Country Dance Band: Barn Dance

The English Country Dance Band: Barn Dance (Snatch’d From Oblivion SFO 002)

Barn Dance
25 Autherntic Barn Dance Favourites
The English Country Dance Band

Carlton Sounds 30360 00242 (CD, UK, 1996)
Snatch’d From Oblivion SFO 002 (CD, UK, 2001)

Produced by Nicholas John;
Recorded by David Pickering Pick at FFG Studios, Glucestershire in October 1995;
Sleeve notes and instructions for dances by Paul and Jane Burgess


Paul Burgess: fiddle, piano;
Flos Headford: fiddle;
Jane Burgess: fiddle, caller;
Rod Stradling: melodeon;
Martin Brinsford: mouth organ, percussion


  1. Three Around Three polka: Three Around / Three Speed the Plough (4.15)
  2. Notingham Swing slow hornpipe: The Cliffe / The Gloucester (4.45)
  3. Haste to the Wedding jig: Haste to the Wedding / Trip to the Forest (3.24)
  4. Soldier’s Joy rant: Soidier’s joy / Lemmie Brazil’s (4.04)
  5. Galopede polka: Galopede / The Tanner Man (4.45)
  6. Cumberland Square Eight jig: The Queen’s Jig / The Basque Jig (4.24)
  7. Steamboat sailor’s hornpipe: Jack Robinson / Steamboat / The Swiss Boy (4.30)
  8. Heel-and-Toe polka: Heel-and-Toe Polka (3.49)
  9. Sir Roger De Coverley slip jig: Sir Roger De Coverley (3.01)
  10. Circle Waltz waltz: Waltz for the Veleta (5.23)
  11. Dashing White Sergeant polka: Dashing White Sergeant / Brighton Camp (3.44)
  12. Pride of Dingle march: Clee Hill / Belle Isles (3.50)
  13. The Triumph polka: The Triumph (4.00)
  14. Circasian Circle 6/8 march: Oyster Girl / My Love, My Love (2.58)

All tunes trad. arr. Paul Burgess