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The Mole Catcher

The Mole Catcher (private issue)

The Mole Catcher
Various Artists

private issue, white labels only, COUN210 (stamped matrix) (LP, UK, probably 1970)

Recorded live at the Thetford Folk Club, Green Dragon;
Recording engineered and cover design by John W. Lord


Side 1

  1. Roger Gamble: The Mole Catcher (comedy sketch)
  2. Nils Solberg: Fisherman’s Lament
  3. Tony Sturgeon: Into White
  4. Temporary Ferret: Joshua Gone Barbados
  5. Mike Birch: Lord Thomas (Roud 4; Child 73; G/D 2:212)
  6. Charabanc: Crawdyke Song

Side 2

  1. Joe Stead: (comedy sketch)
  2. Jon Betmead: Guinevere
  3. Nic Jones: The Lakes of Shilin (Roud 189; Laws Q33; G/D 2:228; Henry H176)
  4. Derek Hewitson: Blues Is a Bad Dream
  5. Peter Bellamy: The German Musicianer (Roud 17774)
  6. Totem: Knock Knock


Thank you very much to Alistair Banfield for the information on this rare privately released album.