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The Servant’s Ball

The Servant’s Ball: The Servant’s Ball (D.Wink DWINK CD13)

The Servant’s Ball
The Servant’s Ball

D.Wink Recordings DWINK CD13 (CD, UK, 6 December 2019)

The Servant’s Ball have taken inspiration from a 1930’s village hall dance band setlist to create an evening of music and dance. A cultural scrapbook of British musical history, old English dance tunes, polkas and quadrilles from Europe, African American banjo music, Victorian music hall, Italian opera, step dance tunes.

Recorded by Daniel Crook at Agricultural Audio, Sussex;
Mixed by Rob Harbron;
Artwork by Ben Nicholls


Ewan Wardrop: banjolele, foot, taps, vocals [2, 7];
Ben Nicholls: double bass, vocals [13];
Julian Hinton: piano vocals [4, 10];
Rob Harbron: concertina, vocals;
Ben Paley: fiddle, vocals;
Evan Jenkins: drums, vocals


  1. Egyptian Princess (4.34)
  2. The Bird on Nelly’s Hat (3.44)
  3. Number One Step Dance (2.45)
  4. Champagne Charlie (4.19)
  5. Sultan Polka (3.11)
  6. Pretty Little Dear (2.42)
  7. I’m a Man That’s Done Wrong (3.51)
  8. Wild West Gallop (3.44)
  9. Winter Cotillions (3.06)
  10. Beautiful Boy (4.11)
  11. Les Rats Quadrille (3.13)
  12. Egyptian Ballet (3.14)
  13. Old King Cole (6.07)


The Servant’s Ball at the Hudson Records Listening Club on 12 July 2020: