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The Sporting Life?

The Sporting Life? (Agit-Prop PROP 6)

The Sporting Life?
An Artists for Animals Compilation
Various Artists

Agit-Prop Records PROP 6 (LP, UK, 1990)

Mastered by Max (Nira), Manchester, and Greg, Reading;
Cover illustration by Jane Francis


Side 1

  1. Sheena Wellinton: The Last of the Great Whales
    from Kerelaw (Dunkeld DUN005, 1986)
  2. Pressgang: Bloodsport
  3. We Free Kings: This Train
  4. Robb Johnson: Boxing Day
  5. God’s Little Monkeys: Reynard
  6. John Kirkpatrick: Song of the Whale
    previously unreleased

Side 2

  1. Martin Simpson: Train ’45
  2. Maria Tolly: Trees
  3. John Mullins: Foxhill Manner
  4. Roy Bailey: Greenpeace Really Green
    from Hard Times (Fuse CF382, 1982)
  5. Leon Rosselson: Whoever Invented the Fishfinger
    from If I Knew Who the Enemy Was … (Fuse CF284, 1979)
  6. Anonyma: The Tortoise
  7. Robb Johnson: The Animals Song

Track 1 Andy Barnes;
Track 2 Pressgang / trad.;
Track 3 Woody Guthrie;
Tracks 4, 13 Robb Johnson;
Track 5 Jon Townend;
Track 6 Eric Bogle;
Track 7 Martin Simpson;
Track 8 Maria Tolly;
Track 9 Walters, John Mullins;
Track 10 Geoff Pearson;
Track 11 Leon Rosselson;
Track 12 Anonyma