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The Valley Folk: All Bells in Paradise

The Valley Folk: All Bells in Paradise (Topic 12T192)

All Bells in Paradise
Carols for All Seasons
The Valley Folk

Topic Records 12T192 (LP, UK, 1968)

Recorded by R.W. Swettenham at Olympic Sound Studios, London;
Notes by A.L. Lloyd;
Photograph by Brian Shuel shows a cast from a Slovak gingerbread mould


Jean and Elaine Carruthers, John Dickinson, Stephen Heap: vocals


Side 1


  1. The Babe of Bethlehem (Roud 11878) (2.50)
  2. On Christmas Day It Happened So (Roud 1078)
  3. Come All You True Good Christians (Roud 815) (1.39)
  4. Welladay, Christmas Too Soon Goes Away


  1. Sons of Levi (Roud 2430; G/D 3:470; Henry H146)
  2. All You That Are to Mirth Inclined (Roud 2431)
  3. Come All You Worthy Christian Men (Roud 815)
  4. All Bells in Paradise (Roud 1523)

Side 2

  1. The Joys of Mary (Roud 278)


  1. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (Roud 21931)
  2. O Mary Mother, Come and See

Harvest or Midwinter

  1. The Two Brothers (Roud 202) (3.06)


  1. Oh, Mary With Her Young Son (Roud 453; Child 54A; G/D 2:327)
  2. The Bitter Withy (Roud 452)
  3. Cherry Tree Carol (Roud 453; Child 54; G/D 2:327) (1.37)

New Year

  1. The Moon Shines Bright (Roud 702)

All tracks trad. arr. Valley Folk except
Tracks 1, 11 trad. arr. A.L. Lloyd

Tracks 1, 3, 12 and 15 were also included on the anthology CD The Season Round (TSCD700, 1996)