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Through Bushes and Briar

Through Bushes and Briar (BBC Radioplay Music TAIR 87043)

Through Bushes and Briar
Various Artists

BBC Radioplay Music TAIR 87043 (LP, UK, 1987)
Not available for sale to the public

This is a collection of BBC Radio Concert Sessions in the early ’70s. The tracks by Fairport Convention–and probably those by Steeleye Span too–were included in 2003 on the compilation The Harvest of Gold. Ian and Stephanie Rennie suggested on their (now defunct) Expletive Delighted website that the Fairport tracks are most likely from a “Sounds on Sunday” radio session recorded in early 1971 at the Royal Albert Hall. Steeleye Span’s tracks are probably from BBC John Peel sessions recorded in 1972 and early 1973.

Isla Cameron’s and Trevor Lucas’ tracks are probably from the Far From the Madding Crowd soundtrack.


Side 1

Isla Cameron

  1. The Bold Grenadier (Roud 140; Laws P14; TYG 34) (3.13)
  2. Bushes and Briars (Roud 1027) (2.33)

Trevor Lucas

  1. Tinker’s Song (Roud 863) (2.14)
  2. I Sowed the Seeds of Love (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180) (3.07)

Mary O’Hara

  1. The Spanish Lady (Roud 542; G/D 4:746; Henry H532) (2.04)
  2. The Quiet Land of Erin (3.33)
  3. The Lord of the Dance (2.27)

Side 2

Steeleye Span

  1. One Misty Moisty Morning (Roud 20075)
    BBC John Peel session rec. January 16 or 12 February 1973 (2.56)
  2. Three Drunken Maidens (Roud 252)
    BBC John Peel session rec. 16 January 1973 (2.13)
  3. Gaudete
    BBC John Peel session rec. 2 October 1972 (2.28)
  4. The Royal Forester (Roud 67; Child 110; G/D 7:1465)
    BBC John Peel session rec. 21 February 1972 (3.46)

Fairport Convention

  1. The Deserter (Roud 493; G/D 1:83) (4.10)
  2. The Lark in the Morning (Medley) (3.42)


Thanks to Ian and Stephanie Rennie.