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Tin Star: Somebody's Dreams

Tin Star: Somebody's Dreams (Special Delivery SPD 1004)

Somebody's Dreams
Tin Star

Unbreakable Records WR 1586 (LP, USA, 1986)
Special Delivery (Topic Records) SPD 1004 (LP, UK, 1987)

Produced by Dan Fredman;
Engineered by Bill “Hutch” Hutchinson;
Recorded at Magnolia Sound, North Hollywood, CA;
Mixed at Granny's House, Reno, NV;
Front sleeve photograph courtesy of Topham Picture Library;
Hand tinting by Juli Bennett Studios;
Design by Tony Engle


Kerry Hansen, vocals, rhythm guitar;
Shelly O'Neill, vocals;
Geoffrey Lewis, drums, percussion;
Jeff Roberts, bass, background vocals;
Will Ray, lead guitar

Byron Berline, fiddle;
Skip Edwards, piano


Side 1Side 2
  1. American Summer (3.44)
  2. Blue Mist (3.41)
  3. Momma's Baby in Blue (3.06)
  4. Don't Give Up (3.23)
  5. Sorry Doesn't Work Anymore (3.10)
  1. Somebody's Dreams (3.29)
  2. Mind over Mattress (2.43)
  3. Hey Good Lookin' (2.35)
  4. Bullets and Beer (3.05)
  5. Meet Me in Cheyenne (3.15)

Tracks 1, 9 Kerry Hansen, Geoffrey Lewis;
Tracks 2, 4-5, 6, 10 Kerry Hansen;
Tracks 3, 7 Kerry Hansen, Theresa Burkett, Janet Paris;
Track 8 Hank Williams