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Trader Horne: Morning Way / Morning Way ...Plus

Trader Horne: Morning Way (Dawn DNLS 3004)

Morning Way
Trader Horne
Dawn Records DLS 3004 (LP, UK, 1970)

Morning Way …Plus
Trader Horne
See For Miles Records SEECD308 (CD, UK, 1990)

Trader Horne: Morning Way …Plus (See For Miles SEECD308)

Produced by Barry Murray;
Engineered by Howard Barrow;
Arranged by John Godfrey;
Sleeve design by Paul Winter

Judy Dyble: vocals, electric auto-harp, piano;
Jackie McAuley: vocals, guitar, harpsichord, organ, piano, flute, congas, celeste;
with Ray Elliot: alto flute, bass clarinet; Andy White; drums; John Godfrey: bass guitar

Here Comes The Rain was Trader Horne’s only single and has been added as bonus track to the Morning Way ...Plus CD reissue.


Side 1

  1. Jenny May (2.26)
  2. Children of Oare (4.04)
  3. Three Rings for Elven Kings (2.27)
  4. Growning Man (3.58)
  5. Down and Out Blues (4.26)
  6. The Mixed Up Kind (6.29)

Side 2

  1. Better Than Today (3.12)
  2. In My Loneliness (2.22)
  3. Sheena (2.43)
  4. The Mutant (2.54)
  5. Morning Way (4.36)
  6. Velvet to Atone (2.27)
  7. Luke That Never Was (4.54)

CD Bonus Tracks

  1. Here Comes the Rain (2.36)
  2. Goodbye Mercy Kelly (3.17)

All tracks by Jackie McAuley except
Track 5 trad. arr. Ray Elliot
Track 11 Judy Dyble
Track 12 Judy Dyble, Martin Quittenton