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TRIP: A Drop for Neptune

TRIP: A Drop for Neptune (Trip Music TMRCD001)

A Drop for Neptune

Trip Music Records TMRCD001 (CD, UK, 28 January 2022)

Recorded by Ross Saunders at GloWorm Recording Studio;
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio;
Album artwork by Elly Lucas


Michael Biggins: accordion;
Tiernan Courell: flute;
Isla Callister: fiddle;
Alasdair MacKenzie: guitar, vocals;
Rory Matheson: piano;
Craig Baxter: bodhrán


  1. September Sea: Eamon Coyne’s / Mean Fouyir / Square da Mizzen (4.09)
  2. Madeleine’s / Rufus’ Request (5.04)
  3. Turning Tides (4.45)
  4. Mackay’s: Morair Sim / Mairi and Ewen’s (5.32)
  5. The Ninth Wave: Port o Vullen / 1 2 Twinport (4.09)
  6. Flaith Na Faiche (4.55)
  7. The Arabic (4.59)
  8. For Marie (4.15)
  9. Towards the Storm: She Has Locks / Hie mee stiagh / Eye of the Storm (5.30)

Track 1a Irish trad.;
Tracks 1b, 3, 8 Isla Callister;
Track 1c, 4a Scots trad.;
Tracks 2a, 5b Michael Biggins;
Track 2b Madeleine Stewart;
Track 4b Rory Matheson;
Track 5a Tomas Callister;
Tracks 6, 9a Tiernan Courell;
Track 7 John Doyle;
Track 9b Manx trad.;
Track 9c Tiernan Courell, Rory Matheson