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Vera van Heeringen: Standing Tall

Vera van Heeringen: Standing Tall (RootBeat RBRCD15)

Standing Tall
Vera van Heeringen

RootBeat Records RBRCD15 (CD, UK, 2012)

Produced by Vera van Heeringen and Andy Bell;
Recorded at Llansilin;
Engineered and mixed by Andy Bell at Cold As a Frog;
Mastered by Dirk Powell;
Photos by Liset van Heeringen;
Design by Tiny at Design By If


Vera van Heeringen, acoustic guitar, mandolin [8-9], vocals;
Andy Seward, double bass;
Dave Proctor, mandolin, acoustic guitar [5];
Dave Luce, electric guitar, mandolin [1], backing vocals;
Jock Tyldesley, banjo, fiddle;
Andy Watson, drums;
Louisa Jones, backing vocals [1, 6];
Tim O'Brien, backing vocals [7]


  1. Old Man (3.19)
  2. Tomorrow (3.10)
  3. You're All (4.35)
  4. This Day (3.26)
  5. The Lorax (1.57)
  6. Lulu Walls (3.17)
  7. His Own way (3.05)
  8. Back to Baak / Glebe Reel (3.54)
  9. The Owl Returns (2.49)
  10. Pass Me the Whisky (3.17)
  11. In Love With Someone Else (3.02)
  12. Maan (3.34)

All tracks written and arranged by Vera van Heeringen except
Track 6 The Carter Family;
Tracks 2, 8, 12 arr. Vera van Heeringen, Dave Procrod, Andy Seward

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