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Ways of Seeing

Frankie Armstrong: Ways of Seeing (Harbourtown HARCD 009)

Ways of Seeing
Frankie Armstrong

Harbourtown Records HAR 009 (LP, UK, 1990)
Harbourtown Records HARCD 009 (CD, UK, 1996)

A digital recording made on location at concerts in Cornelyn Manor, Anglesey, and Blackheath, London;
Engineering and production: Charlie Grey;
Illustration: Brent Lindley;
Sleeve: Chloƫ Rush at HOT Publicity, Milton Keynes;
Photography: Christabelle Baranay


Frankie Armstrong, Joan Mills, Venice Manley, Vivian Ellis, Jenny, Jude Smith, Kate Pyper, Kathie Prince, Pauline Down, Peggy Turner, Sheila Brook, vocals


  1. Ja Helo
  2. Ways of Seeing
  3. Meeting
  4. Girl in a Garden
  5. Zaspo Janko
  6. A Soothing Croon
  7. Low Ground
  8. Dead Leaves
  9. Message from Mother Earth
  10. Bread and Roses
  11. I Only Believe in Miracles
  12. Seven Gates
  13. We Are Women
  14. The Trial
  15. The Pearl
  16. Weave and Mend
  17. Shto Me e Milo
  18. Shall There Be Womanly Times

Tracks 1, 5, 8, 17 trad.;
Tracks 2, 9, 11, 14, 15 Frankie Armstrong;
Track 3 Frankie Armstrong, arr. Phil Griffin;
Track 4 Sydney Carter;
Track 6 trad. arr. Frankie Armstrong, Joan Mills;
Track 7 David Craig, Leon Rosselson;
Track 10 words James Oppenheim, tune and arr. Leon Rosselson;
Track 12 words Joan Mills, tune and arr. Frankie Armstrong;
Track 13 words Susan Griffin, tune and arr. Frankie Armstrong;
Track 16 Anne Cameron, Mary Troup;
Track 18 words Frankie Armstrong, Brian Person, tune Frankie Armstrong