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The Unreleased Radio Tapes / Captured

The Albion Band: The Unreleased Radio Tapes (ALB008)

The Unreleased Radio Tapes
The Albion Band

Albino ALB008 (cassette, UK, 1992)

The Albion Band: Captured (HTD CD 19)
The Albion Band: Captured (Magnum MACD009)

The Albions Who Nearly Got Away
The Albion Band

HTD Records HTD CD 19 (CD, UK, April 1994)
Magnum MACD009 (CD, USA, 1995)
Talking Elephant TECD137 (CD, UK, 9 February 2009)

The Albion Band: Captured (Talking Elephant TECD137)

The CD’s tracks 1-8 were previously available on the limited edition cassette The Unreleased Radio Tapes.

Due to the recording source of tracks 9-13 all endeavours have been made to clean up the original tapes, however, there may still be a noticeable difference in the sound quality to tracks 1-8.


Julie Matthews: vocals, guitar, keyboard;
Phil Beer: vocals, guitars, fiddle, mandolin [1-8, 11-13];
Simon Care: melodeon [1-10, 13];
Trevor Foster: drums [1-8, 13];
Ashley Hutchings: vocals, bass guitar;
Keith Hinchliffe: guitar, cittern [9-12]


The Unreleased Radio Tapes / Captured

  1. Ball, Anchor and Chain (4.00)
  2. Yellow Dress (4.29)
  3. Horseshoe Hornpipe / Chasing the Jack (3.02)
  4. The Party’s Over (5.28)
  5. Adam and Eve (2.53)
  6. Nameless Kind of Hell (4.32)
  7. Fossie Shuffle (2.15)
  8. Go North (5.58)

Captured Bonus Tracks

  1. Chapel Kelthack / House in the Country (Roud 2499) (5.02)
  2. Up the Crooked Spire (2.35)
  3. Set Their Mouths to Twisting (2.30)
  4. Hanging Tree (3.11)
  5. Fireman’s Song (4.01)

Tracks 1, 8 Julie Matthews;
Tracks 2, 5 Phil Beer, Ashley Hutchings;
Track 3a Simon Care;
Tracks 3b, 6 Phil Beer;
Track 5 Dave Whetstone;
Track 7 Trevor Foster;
Track 9a Marshall arr. Keith Hinchliffe;
Track 9b Maggie Stewart;
Track 10 Keith Hinchliffe;
Track 11 Francois Villon, Phil Beer;
Track 12 Ashley Hutchings, Wood;
Track 13 Bilston

Sleeve Notes

Between the release of the Albion Band’s album 1990 and their recent Acousticity (out in the Autumn of 1993), there was no new recording-studio offering. Certainly there was the odd compilation and limited edition cassette but the lack of a full-blooded, full-length CD from the two line-ups in this period left the band’s followers frustrated and perhaps even a little peeved. This was understandable because the enormously talented singer/musician Julie Matthews fronted the group at this time and the first of the two line-ups featuring her was generally considered to be one of the very best of many Albion outfits stretching back over twenty or so years. Similarly, the gifted acoustic guitarist Keith Hinchliffe, who was a notable addition to the 1992 drummerless line-up, was not represented at all on record. Well, the two bands that nearly got away are at least captured on this new CD release.

Here are tracks from the gutsy and exciting 1990/91 team and the subtle and intricate 1992 four-piece wedded together. They will delight the completists, but more than that; they will reveal to anyone with open ears what buried treasures exist in the much-neglected world of English folk-rock.