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The Albion Band: Fighting Room

The Albion Band: Fighting Room (own label)

Fighting Room
The Albion Band

own label (EP, UK, 5 August 2011)

Recorded and produced by Tom Wright;
Executive producer: Ashley Hutchings;
Artwork by Katy Coope


Gavin Davenport: vocals, guitar, concertina;
Blair Dunlop: vocals, guitars;
Katriona Gilmore: vocals, fiddle, mandolin;
Tom Wright: vocals, drums;
Tim Yates: vocals, bass, melodeon


  1. Thieves’ Song (4.37)
  2. Ragged Heroes (2.52)
  3. Newfoundland Sailor (Roud 1403) (4.21)
  4. No Sir No! (Roud 146) (2.49)
  5. A Taoist Tale (4.14)

Track 1 Gavin Davenport;
Track 2 John Tams;
Tracks 3-4 trad. arr. The Albion Band;
Track 5 Tucker Zimmerman