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Broadside EP no 1

Harvey Andrews, Chris Rohmann: Broadside EP no 1 (Side 1)

Broadside EP no 1
Harvey Andrews, Chris Rohmann

private pressing, no cover, handwritten tracks on label (EP, UK, 1966)

Harvey Andrews, Chris Rohmann: Broadside EP no 1 (Side 2)


Harvey Andrews: vocals, guitar;
Chris Rohmann: vocals, guitar


Side 1

  1. I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore
  2. After de Gaulle
  3. Harold’s Common Market Holiday Blues

Side 2

  1. Plastic Jesus
  2. “Plaza del Toros” Birmingham I

Track 1 Phil Ochs;
Track 4 Ed Rush, George Cromarty


Thanks to Alistair Banfield for the information on this gem. Harvey Andrews commented in an e-mail to him in October 2010:

Chris Rohmann and I were a team for nearly a year and were just being offered a contract by Transatlantic when he was called back to be drafted to Vietnam. We were running a folk club purely for songwriters in Birmingham called “The Broadside” and we rushed in to a local studio just before he left to make a souvenir EP for the regulars at the club. The production is terrible! But it was way back then. Chris won his case and returned some years later to a solo career over here and a hit with Funky Moped.

Coincidentally, Chris is coming over soon and plans to join me at my Hitchen gig where I Ain’t Marchin’ and Plaza del Toros will get another outing 44 years later.