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Places and Faces

Harvey Andrews: Places and Faces (Decca Nova SDN 9)

Places and Faces
Harvey Andrews

Decca Nova SDN 9 (LP, UK, 1970)

Arrangement and musical direction by Tony Cox;
Produced by Ioan Allen;
Recorded by Derek Varnals, Peter Rynston, Robin Cabel;
Cover photography by David Wedgbury


Harvey Andrews: vocals, acoustic guitar;
Alan Hawkshaw, Phil Dennis: pianos;
Vick Flick: lead guitar;
Dave Pegg: bass guitar;
Tony Carr, Roy Webster: percussion;
Ronnie Stephenson: drums;
Alec Firman, Sid Margo: violins;
Bernard Davis, Stephen Shingles: violas;
Bram Martin, Francis Gabarro: cellos;
George Crozier, David Sandemann, Jack Ellory, Chris Taylor: flutes;
Stan Smith: oboe;
Tom Kelly: clarinet;
Robert Bourton: bassoon;
Denis Clift: trumpet;
John Leach: cymbalum


Side 1

  1. Boothferry Bridge
  2. Dancing Laughing Eyes
  3. The Party
  4. My Lady’s Pleasure
  5. Seagull
  6. Aston Hall
  7. City Dweller
  8. England My England

Side 2

  1. Pam
  2. Peter
  3. Chris
  4. Joe
  5. David
  6. Hans

All songs written by Harvey Andrews