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Angel Tiger

June Tabor: Angel Tiger (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD049)

Angel Tiger
June Tabor

Cooking Vinyl COOKCD049 (CD, UK, September 1992)
Green Linnet GLCD 3074 (CD, USA, 1992)

Produced by John Ravenhall
Recorded at Red Fort Studios, London by John Ravenhall
and at Eastcote Studios, engineered by Philip Bagenall
Mixed at Gooseberry Studios, London by Trevor Hallesy and John Ravenhall


June Tabor: vocals;
Huw Warren: piano, cello, accordion [4];
Mark Emerson: violin, viola, accordion, piano [4];
Mark Lockheart: clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophone;
Dudley Philips: double bass;
Bosco de Oliveira: percussion;


  1. Hard Love [Bob Franke] (5.05)
  2. Joseph Cross [Eric Taylor] (3.47)
  3. Sudden Waves [words Les Barker, tune Aald Noost, Ronald Jamieson] (6.30)
  4. Rumours of War [Billy Bragg] (2.59)
  5. All Our Trades Are Gone [Mick Fitzgerald] (3.20)
  6. Happed in Mist [Michael Marra] (4.19)
  7. The Doctor Calls [Ian Telfer] (3.41)
  8. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180) (4.33)
  9. All This Useless Beauty [Declan MacManus] (3.40)
  10. Ten Thousand Miles (Roud 422) (5.31)
  11. Blind Step Away [Richard Thompson / French / Frith / Kaiser] (3.45)
  12. Elephant [words Les Barker, tune An Ribhinn Donn, H. Whyte] (3.18)

Recording Session Out-takes

  1. As I Roved Out (Roud 3479; G/D 6:1165) (4.18)
    published on Giving People Choices
  2. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right [Bob Dylan] (6.16)
    published on Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 1
  3. Illusions [Friedrich Holländer] (3.54)
    published on Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 2