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Stagfolk Live Folk

Stagfolk Live Folk (Stagfolk STAG001)

Stagfolk Live Folk
Various Artists

Stagfolk STAG001 (LP, UK, 1972)

Recorded live on Sunday 26 March 1972 at the Stagfolk Folk Club at Shackleford Social Centre, near Godalming.
Recorded and produced by Tony Engle
Artwork by Lawrence Heath


Rod Bayton: guitar, vocals;
Bonded Boots: guitar, vocals;
Clan Mountain Dew: guitar, vocals;
Colin Grant-Adams: guitar, vocals;
Ron Simmonds: guitar, vocals;
June Tabor: vocals;
Dick Taggart: guitar, vocals


Side 1

  1. Ron Simmonds: The Troubadour Song
  2. June Tabor: The Bleacher Lassie of Kelvinhaugh (Roud 3325; G/D 5:1041)
  3. Clan Mountain Dew: Long Black Veil (Roud 18510)
  4. Ron Simmonds: The Seeds of Love (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180)
  5. June Tabor: Searching for Lambs (Roud 576; Henry H548)
  6. Bonded Boots: The Banks of Green Willow (Roud 172; Child 24; G/D 6:1225)

Side 2

  1. Colin Grant-Adams: Buttercup Joe (Roud 1635)
  2. Rod Bayton: Natural Gas Conversion
  3. Colin Grant-Adams: Autumn Time
  4. Bonded Boots: Limbo (Roud 969)
  5. Dick Taggart: Dark as the Dungeon (Roud 6392)
  6. Rod Bayton: The Old Dun Cow (Roud 5323)
  7. Clan Mountain Dew: Way Down Town (Roud 7691)

Recording Out-takes

Two unaccompanied June Tabor out-takes from this festival, recorded by Tony Engle, found their way to publication elsewhere:

  1. Bird in a Cage (Roud 419)
    was included in 1987 on the anthology Square Roots: An Unlikely Selection From the Pages of Folk Roots Magazine
  2. The Royal Oak (Roud 951; G/D 1:40)
    was included in 2005 on the 4CD June Tabor anthology Always