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The Peel Sessions

June Tabor: The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit SFPS015)

The Peel Sessions
June Tabor

Strange Fruit SFPS015 (EP, UK, 1986)

Recorded on 25 January 1977 for the BBC Radio One “John Peel Show” and first broadcast on 22 February 1977.
Tracks 1 and 2 were later included on her CD On Air, and track 3 on the compilation CD Before the Fall: The Peel Sessions 67-77.

See also the complete list of June Tabor’s BBC sessions.


Side 1

  1. Lord Bateman (Roud 40; Child 53L; G/D 5:1023; Henry H470) (4.20)
  2. The Banks of the Sweet Dundee (Roud 148; Laws M25; G/D 2:224) (3.00)

Side 2

  1. The Fiddle and the Drum (2.25)
  2. Donal Óg (Roud 3379) (2.20)

All tracks trad. arr. June Tabor except
Track 3 Joni Mitchell