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No Good at Love

[ Roud - ; Mudcat 11007 ; Adrian May]

No Good at Love is a song by the British singer/ongwriter Adrian May.

June Tabor sang No Good at Love in 1997 on her Topic album Aleyn.

Maggie Holland recorded No Good at Love in 1988 for a limited edition demo cassette. This track was included in 2007 on her anthology Bones.


June Tabor sings No Goot at Love

You said you wanted me to stay,
Still hoping for a better day.
But as I turned you heard me say,
I am no good at love.

Still with my heart I made so free,
Expected love, accordingly,
But now I know that cannot be.
I am no good at love.

I am no good, I’m too intense,
To turn my passion into sense,
Nor never proud enough too be
Like those who take love casually.
I am no good at love.

There’s different kinds of loneliness,
The kind you make yourself’s the best.
I know because I’ve tried the rest.
I am no good at love.

And when self-pity makes me pray,
For all the love we threw away.
Here in sweet solitude I’ll say,
I am no good at love.