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Rumanian Folk Music

Rumanian Folk Music (Topic 10T12)

Field Recordings of
Rumanian Folk Music
from the Archive of the Folklore Institute of the Rumanian People’s Republic
Edited by A.L. Lloyd

Topic Records 10T12 (10" LP, UK, 1958)


Side 1

  1. Geamparalele: played by the Barbu Lautaru Orchestra, with four cimbaloms (Bucarest region)
  2. Ca Din Cimpoi: played by Marin Toma (fish scale) (Galati region)
  3. Miorita: sung by Aneta Patru (Pitesti region)
  4. Ca La Breaza: played by Nico Dobrica (violin) and Vasile Bursuc (cobza) (Ploesti region)
  5. Bogatul Si Saracul: sung by Ion Sima (Pitesti region)
  6. Briu: played by Ion Petecila (bagpipe) (Ploesti region)
  7. I-Auzi Mindro Pitigoiu: sung by Ileana Constantinescu, with folk orchestra (Bucarest region)
  8. Arcanul: played by Sidor Andronicescu (violin), Ilie Cazacu (fluer) and Vasile Crisan (cobza) (Suceava region)

Side 2

  1. Bugeacul: played by Florea Netcu (fluer), with folk orchestra (Bucarest region)
  2. Miu Haiducul: sung by Ene Manolide (Bucarest region)
  3. Riule Pariule: sung by Florica Mizgoi (Ploesti region)
  4. Pe Picior: played by folk string band (Arad region)
  5. Pendem Devla Draboro: sung (in Romany) by Maria Ion, with accordion (Bucarest region)
  6. Tumbe Tumbe: (Macedo-Rumanian song) sung by Aristide Caramitru, with chorus and orchestra (Albania)
  7. Calusarii Si Ciocirlia: played by the Barbu Lautaru Orchestra, with Nicu Stanescu (violin) (Bucarest region)