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Southern Freedom Songs

Southern Freedom Songs (Impact IMP-S 102)

Southern Freedom Songs
from the play Martin Luther King;
performed by members of the original cast
from the Greenwich Theatre, London

Topic/Impact Records IMP-S 102 (LP, UK, 1970)

Southern Freedom Songs

The play Martin Luther King was shown in October 1969 after Martin Luther King was assassinated the previous year.

Recorded by General Recording Services, 1969;
First published by Topic on the Impact label in 1970;
Production and notes: A.L. Lloyd;
Cover design: Ken Sprague, Sid Brown


Nina Baden-Semper, Romy Baskerville, Paul Chapman, Jumoke Debayo, Mark Heath, Derek Griffiths: vocals;
Bari Jonson: vocals (playing Martin Luther King);
Fitzroy Coleman, Trevor Lucas: guitars


Side 1

  1. [MH and group] Long John
  2. [JD and group] Balm in Gilead
  3. [group] Free at Last
  4. [group] Slavery Chain Done Broke
  5. [DG and group] Ain’t We Got a Right to the Tree of Life?
  6. [JD and group] We Got to Move
  7. [BJ and group] Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
  8. [MH and group] I Want My Freedom Now

Side 2

  1. [group] Plenty Good Room
  2. [group] Birmingham Gaol
  3. [group] Walk on, Alabama
  4. [RB] Birmingham Sunday
  5. [group] Get on Board, Children
  6. [BJ and group] The Movement’s Moving on
  7. [group] Woke up This Morning With My Mind Stayed on Freedom

All tracks trad., adapted and arranged by A.L. Lloyd except
Track 5 trad., adapted and arranged by Guy Carawan;
Track 12 trad., words Richard Fariña


Thanks to Alistair Banfield for the record details and cover pictures.