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Master Kilby

[ Roud 1434 ; VWML CJS2/10/2042 ; trad.]

Cecil Sharp collected Master Kilby from Harry Richards of Curry Rivel in Somerset both on July 29, 1904 and on January 6, 1909. Nic Jones sang it on his album From the Devil to a Stranger. Two live performances are on his CDs Unearthed and Game Set Match.

John Wesley Harding also sang this song on his Nic Jones tribute album, Trad Arr Jones.

Andy Turner sang Master Kilby, as the July 13, 2013 entry of his project A Folk Song a Week, crediting Scan Tester via Bob Davenport.

This video shows Jon Loomes singing Master Kilby in January 2015:

John Smith sang Master Kilby in 2018 on his CD Hummingbird.


Nic Jones sings Master Kilby

In the heat of the day when the sun shines so freely
I met Master Kilby so fine and so gay.

Well, I pulled off my hat and I bowed to the ground,
And I said, “Master Kilby, oh, where are you bound?”

“I'm bound for the west in hopes to find rest;
And in the arms of my dear Nancy I'll build a new nest.

And if I was the master of ten thousand pounds
In bright gold and silver or in King William's crowns,

I would part with it all with my own heart so freely:
It's all for the sake of my charming Nancy.

She's the fairest of girls, she's the choice of my heart;
And her skin shines like silver in every part.

Oh, I gave her some kisses, it was down by the sea shore;
But still she lay asking, lay asking for more.”