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The Jukebox As She Turned

[Jeff Deitchman]

Maggie Holland sang Smokey's Bar on her 1995 album By Heart.

Nic Jones learned Jeff Deitchman's song from the singing of Rick and Lorraine Lee. His live recording of unspecified origin is on his 2001 anthology, Unearthed.


Nic Jones sings The Jukebox As She Turned

Now all the boys down at Smokey's Bar they could easily understand
How Judy left without a word, but not without a man.
That old routine that she had going was like the sun so sure
That by surprise just may not rise but it always has before.

Chorus (repeated after each verse):
And I still remember what was on the jukebox as she turned:
The dobro part out of Cheating Heart. She never has returned.

She snapped the little plated latch and she closed her pocket book.
And then paying for what she had drunk, she gave all us boys a look.
And something in that little glance sent creeps throughout the room,
No-one stared or even dared to breathe or even move.

I cannot say just what others thought, ah, but I can likely guess.
Well they were probably scared of where, just where, she'd take what we'd confessed.

So now that good old gang down at Smokey's Bar they've just about busted up,
With no-one here left to drink our tears or to fill out empty cup.