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Chicken on a Raft

The Young Tradition: Chicken on a Raft (Transatlantic TRA EP 166)

Chicken on a Raft
The Young Tradition

Transatlantic TRA EP 166 (EP, UK, 1967)

Recorded and produced by Bill Leader;
Cover photo by Brian Shuel

Heather Wood commented in her discography that she wanted to call the album Just Add Water but was outvoted by Peter Bellamy and Royston Wood.


Heather Wood, Royston Wood, Peter Bellamy: vocals;
Dave Calderhead, Hans Fried, Ken Hamer, Roger & Frances Jones-Ford, Arthur Knevett, Rod & Danny Stradling: chorus


Side 1

  1. Chicken on a Raft (3.33)
  2. Randy Dandy-O (Roud 4702) (2.37)

Side 2

  1. Shanties: (5.31)
    Fire Maringo /
    Hanging Johnny (Roud 2625) /
    Bring ’em Down /
    Haul on the Bowline (Roud 652; G/D 1:1)

Track 1 Cyril Tawney;
Tracks 2, 3b-d trad. arr. Heather Wood, Peter Bellamy, Royston Wood;
Track 3a tune Royston Wood