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The Lisburn Lass

[ Roud 5694 ; Ballad Index RcLisLas ; trad.]

Peter Bellamy learnt The Lisburn Lass from Geordie Hanna of County Tyrone and sang it unaccompanied in 1983 on his privately issued cassette of English, Irish, Australian and American traditional songs, Fair Annie.


Peter Bellamy sings The Lisburn Lass

Young boys and girls wherever you be
Come pay attention unto me.
In these few lines I have penned down
All about the lass of Lisburn town.

For it happened in the harvest year
As I walked up, the day being clear.
And in going home, these words I said:
“Oh I am deep in love with the Lisburn maid.”

For she’s proper tall, she’s all complete,
Like some waxwork beauty from head to feet.
And my heart do rend when I see her pass,
For I am deep in love with that Lisburn lass.

But everything kept to going round
Until her parents on me did frown,
Until her parents all on me did frown
And I was forced to list in Lisburn town.

“But them, Willy dear,” this young maid did say,
“What has tempted you to go away?
I would leave my parents of high renown
And I would go with you from Lisburn town.”

But off to India I had to go,
Off to fight and face the foe.
Not knowing when the ball might cut me down
And I must bit adieu to Lisburn town.

Now farewell, father and mother too,
Likewise my darling I bid adieu.
For these cruel foes they have cut me down,
So farewell, my love and Lisburn town.