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Richard Thompson Band: Live in Providence

Richard Thompson Band: Live in Providence (Cooking Vinyl COOKDVD004)

Live in Providence
Richard Thompson Band

Cooking Vinyl Records COOKDVD004 (CD, UK, 2004)

Produced and directed by Eric Masunga at Modulus DVD;
Additional production by Adam Roffman;
Recorded live at Lupo’s, Providence, RI, 24 July 2003;
Sound recording and stereo mix by Tom Dupé;
Video editing by Orrin Anderson;
Audio post production, 5.1 mix and DVD authoring by Eric Masinga and Michael Hutherson;
Photography by Tom Dupé;
Package design by Tornado Design, Los Angeles


Richard Thompson: guitar, vocals;
Pete Zorn: horns, mandolin, guitar, vocals;
Rory McFarlane: electric and upright bass;
Earl Harvin: drums and percussion


Live in Providence

  1. Tear Stained Letter
  2. Gethsemane
  3. Outside of the Inside
  4. Razor Dance
  5. Al Bowlly’s in Heaven
  6. One Door Opens
  7. Walking on a Wire
  8. Shoot Out the Lights
  9. Can’t Win
  10. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
  11. Crawl Back
  12. Man in Need
  13. Jealous Words

Bonus Selections: Archive Material 1981-2001

  1. The Choice Wife
  2. Just the Motion
    both from Videowest’s Guitar Player Session (1981)
  3. Wall of Death, plus interview
    from The Old Grey Whistle Test (1984)
  4. When the Spell Is Broken
  5. Did She Jump, or Was She Pushed
  6. Nearly in Love
    all three from from Austin City Limits (2001)
  7. Uninhabited Man
  8. Persuasion
    both from Across a Crowded Room (1985)

All tracks written by Richard Thompson except
Track 18 Richard & Linda Thompson;
Track 21 Tim Finn, Richard Linda Thompson