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Richard Thompson Band Live: More Guitar

Richard Thompson: More Guitar (Beeswing BSW004)

More Guitar
Richard Thompson Band live

Beeswing Music BSW004 (CD, UK, 2003)

Recorded direct to digital 2-track in 1988, with no intent of producing a commercial release;
Produced for CD release by Henry Kaiser;
Mastered by Paul Stubblebine;
Digital transfers by Edward Haber;
Design by David Greenberger;
Photos by Jesse Thompson and Henry Kaiser;
Thanks to Tim Bernett and Simon Tassano


Richard Thompson: guitar, vocals;
John Kirkpatrick: button accordion, backing vocals;
Clive Gregson: rhythm guitar, organ, backing vocals;
Pat Donaldson: bass;
Kenny Aronoff: drums;
Christine Collister: backing vocals


  1. Don’t Tempt Me (5.31)
  2. Can’t Win (9.04)
  3. Jennie (6.07)
  4. Gypsy Love Songs (6.52)
  5. The Angels Took My Racehorse Away (5.08)
  6. When the Spell is Broken (8.00)
  7. Shoot Out the Lights (5.37)
  8. I Still Dream (5.18)
  9. Here Without You (3.46)
  10. A Bone Through Her Nose (6.24)
  11. We Got to Get Out of This Place (7.42)
  12. Jerusalem on the Jukebox (8.12)

All tracks Richard Thompson except
Track 9 Harold Eugene Clark
Track 11 Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil