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Roy Bailey Remembered

Various Artists: Roy Bailey Remembered (Towersey Festival)

Roy Bailey Remembered
A celebration of Roy's music and life recorded at Towersey Festival 2019
Various Artists

Towersey Festival (2 CD, UK, 15 December 2020)

This album can be ordered in Towersey Festival's crowdfunding campaing.


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  1. Marc Block with Andy Cutting and Martin Simpson: What You Do With What You've Got
  2. Nancy Kerr and James Fagan: Abiezer Coppe
  3. Nancy Kerr and James Fagan: Herald of Free Enterprise
  4. Ray Hearne: Song for David
  5. Boff Whalley: Word Bomber
  6. Tom Robinson: Glad to Be Gay
  7. Tom Robinson: Blood Brother
  8. Martin Simpson and The Wilson Family:: Palaces of Gold
  9. Martin Simpson and The Wilson Family:: More Than Enough
  10. John Kirkpatrick: On the Road to Freedom
  11. John Kirkpatrick: Busy Bee
  12. Kathy Mowatt, Joe Heap and Mary Hodson: Cobweb of Dreams
  13. The Wilson Family: Miner's Lifeguard (Roud 3510)
  14. The Wilson Family: Here Is My Home
  15. Nancy Kerr with Martin Simpson: Everything Possible
  16. The Wilson Family joined by all: Rolling Home

Tracks 1, 15 Si Kahn;
Tracks 2, 8, 12 Leon Rosselson;
Tracks 3, 9 Robb Johnson;
Track 4 Ray Hearne;
Track 5 Boff Whalley / Chumbawamba;
Track 6 Tom Robinson;
Track 7 Tom Robinson, Jakko Jakszyk;
Track 10 John Kirkpatrick;
Track 11 Kenneth Blain;
Track 13 Joy Masefield, Leon Rosselson;
Track 14 trad.;
Track 16 Fred Small;
Track 17 John Tams