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Shirley Collins: Archangel Hill

Shirley Collins: Archangel Hill (Domino WIGCD494)

Archangel Hill
Shirley Collins

Domino Recording WIGLP494XM/WIGCD494 (LP/CD, UK, 26 May 2023)

Produced by Ian Kearey;
Recorded at Metway Studio, Brighton, in 2022 except
Track 9 from a live performance at the Sydney Opera House in 1980, arr. Dolly Collins

Domino album announcement

Tradfolk review by Ian A. Anderson


Shirley Collins: vocals;
Ian Kearey: The Instrument, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, celeste, piano, tiple;
Pete Cooper: fiddle, viola;
Dave Arthur: banjo, snare drum, melodeon;
Pip Barnes: guitar


Side 1

  1. Fare Thee Well, My Dearest Dear (Roud 1035) (3.16)
  2. Lost in a Wood (Roud 288; Laws Q34) (3.00)
  3. The Captain with the Whiskers (Roud 2735, V12549; G/D 1:87; Henry H660) (2.46)
  4. June Apple (Roud 27717) (1.52)
  5. The Golden Glove (Roud 141; Laws N20; G/D 1:166; Henry H524) (3.11)
  6. High and Away (3.55)
  7. The Oakham Poachers (Roud 1686) (2.19)

Side 2

  1. Hares on the Mountain (Roud 329) (3.08)
  2. Hand and Heart (2.47)
  3. The Bonny Labouring Boy (Roud 1162; Laws M14; Henry H576) (3.21)
  4. Swaggering Boney (1.42)
  5. How Far Is It to Bethlehem? (2.06)
  6. Archangel Hill (4.33)

Probably all tracks trad. arr. Shirley Collins, Ian Kearey except
Track 6 Pip Barnes;
Track 9 words F.C. Ball (Shirley Collins's uncle);
Track 12 words Frances Chesterton, tune Sweet England


Shirley Collins sings High and Away: