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Hori-Horo (A Tiree Love Song)

[words Hugh S. Roberton, tune Andrew Sinclair]

According to the Sweet England sleeve notes, this Hebridean-New Zealand waulking song was taught to Shirley Collins' uncle George by a New Zealander during World War II and is a translation from the Gaelic. However, this Mudcat CafĂ© thread explains that it was set to English words by Hugh S. Roberton, copyrighted in 1947 and published in Songs of the Isles in 1950.

Shirley Collins recorded this song twice: in 1959 for her first LP Sweet England and in 1964 together with Davy Graham for their album Folk Roots, New Routes.


Hori-Horo, my bonny young man,
Hori-Horo, my rare one;
And will you come with me, my love,
To be my own, my fair one?

Smiling the land, smiling the sea,
Sweet is the wind in the heather;
Would we were yonder, just you and me,
The two of us together.

(repeat first verse)