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Reels: Dowd’s Favourite / £10 Float / The Morning Dew

[trad. arr. Steeleye Span]

These are three reels from Steeleye Span’s third album Ten Man Mop or Mr Reservoir Butler Rides Again. The record’s sleeve notes said:

Play an Air! ... Co. Sligo, Fulham Broadway. Play an Air! ... The player does not call the tune. Play an Air! ... “Duffy the dancer”, “The Boys of Forest Hill”. Play an Air! ... Give us your favourite tune next, Now! ... Play a bloody Air.

A live recording of these reels can be found on the compilation The Harvest of Gold; this is undated but probably from a BBC radio concert session in early 1973 with the third Steeleye Span line-up.. Steeleye Span also performed £10 Float together with the reel The Musical Priest live on the BBC radio programme “Peel’s Sunday Concert” on 15 September 1971. This programme was included as bonus CD on the 2006 reissue of Ten Man Mop.