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Dirty Linen

[trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick]

Dirty Linen is a medley of the four tunes Last Night’s Fun, Paddy on the Railroad, Drops of Brandy, and Poll Ha’penny. It was originally recorded for Fairport’s Full House but is also on their live albums Live and Before the Moon.

Other versions of this track can be found on e.g.: live from the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 1970 on the Dave Swarbrick anthology Swarb!, live probably from a BBC Radio “Sounds on Sunday” session at the Royal Albert Hall early in 1971 on the compilation The Harvest of Gold, live (and with Trevor Lucas) from Cropredy 1982 on the cassette A.T. 2 and live from Cropredy 1983 on the cassette The Boot. Both were reissued in May 2000 on the 4CD set A.T. 2 /The Boot.

Swarb’s Lazarus played these tunes on Live and Kicking.