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Steam Ballads

Harry Boardman, Kempion, Jon Raven, Tony Rose: Steam Ballads (Broadside BRO 121)

Steam Ballads
Harry Boardman, Kempion, Jon Raven, Tony Rose

Broadside Records BRO 121 (LP, UK, 1977)

Produced by Jon Raven;
Recorded at Zella Recording Studios, Birmingham, except
Track 8 recorded at Mid Wales Sound Studios;
Engineered by Johnny Haynes;
Cutting by Barry Shiers, MSR, Coventry;
Sleeve designed by Robin Scott-Cooper;
Sleeve notes by Jon Raven


Harry Boardman: vocals, banjo, concertina [1, 5];
Kempion [6-7, 9]:
Duncan Hudson: tin whistle, flute,
Dave Oxley: fiddle, bouzouki,
Morris McPhillips: vocals, dulcimer, bodhrán,
Mark Wallis: guitar, mandolin, bouzouki;
Jon Raven: vocals, guitar [2-3, 8, 11]
with Mike Billington: additional vocals,
Dave Oxley: fiddle,
Mark Wallis: mandolin,
Duncan Hudson: whistle;
Tony Rose: vocals, concertina, guitar [4, 10, 12-13]


Side 1

  1. [HB] Navvy on the Line (Roud V22729)
  2. [JR] The Bold Navvies (Roud V48259)
  3. [JR] Paddy Works on the Railway (Roud 208)
  4. [TR] A New Song on the Opening of the Newcastle & Shields Railway
  5. [HB] Johnny Green’s Trip fro’ Owdham to See the Manchester Railway (Roud V5922)
  6. [K] A New Song on the Opening of the Birmingham to Liverpool Railway (RoudBS B248976)
  7. [K] The Iron Horse (Roud 5834; G/D 2:291)

Side 2

  1. [JR] The Oxford and Hampton Railway
  2. [K] The Cockney’s Trip to Brummagem (Roud V46177)
  3. [TR] The Wonderful Effects of the Leicester Railway
  4. [JR] Cosher Bailey (Roud 4830)
  5. [TR] Moses of the Mail
  6. [TR] The Fireman’s Growl

Track 12 Ewan MacColl