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The Hazards of Love

The Hazards of Love (Topic TOP94)

The Hazards of Love
Anne Briggs

Topic Records TOP94 (EP, UK, August 1964)
Topic Records STOP2014 (EP, UK Record Store Day, 19 April 2014)

The Hazards of Love (Topic STOP2014)

Recorded by Bill Leader at Olympic Sound Studios, London in 1963;
Recording supervised by Paul Carter;
Produced by A.L. Lloyd;
Cover photograph by Brian Shuel;
Notes by A.L. Lloyd


Anne Briggs: vocals


Side 1

  1. Lowlands (Roud 681; Henry H469) (3.10)
  2. My Bonny Boy (Roud 293; G/D 6:1141; Henry H215) (2.46)

Side 2

  1. Polly Vaughan (Roud 166; Laws O36; Henry H114) (4.19)
  2. Rosemary Lane (Roud 269; Laws K43; G/D 7:1429; TYG 10) (2.40)

All tracks traditional