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The Shepherd’s Song

[ Roud 1208 ; Ballad Index CoSea216 ; trad.]

Jill Copper sang the The Shepherd’s Song in 1971 on the Copper Family’s Leader Records box set A Song for Every Season.

Andy Turner learned The Shepherd’s Song from the Copper Family’s album and sang it as the 28 November 2011 entry of his project A Folk Song a Week.


Jill Copper sings The Shepherd’s Song

There was a young shepherd attending of his sheep
Attending of his sheep on a fine summer’s day
When a charming young lady by chance should come that way
And on the young shepherd she fixed her bright eye.

He drew forth his pipe and so prettily did play
But this maid turned her head then so modestly away
But so sweet and melodious the shepherd played his tune
She pleaded with this swain to go all on their honeymoon.

Then said this young shepherd of very low degree
I know a young shepherd far richer than me
Don’t talk about riches or any sort of clothes
Take off your shepherding garments and I’ll dress you in robes.

So straight to the church this young couple they did steer
And were married by asking as you shall quickly hear
They had servants to wait on them, attendants by their side
So who could be more happy than that shepherd and his bride.


I copied the lyrics from the then Copper Family’s website; by now they seem to have been removed there.