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The Copper Family: Chronological Discography

This is a listing of just my Copper Family albums with additional information on the BBC archive recordings from the 1950s gathered from the Roud Index and the Copper Family website. For a full discography, see the Copper Family's own list of books and recordings and their complete discography (PDF file). I compiled the list of BBC archive recordings from the Copper's discography and the Roud Folksong Index.

With the revamping of the Copper Family's website in December 2017, unfortunately all details about their albums (including tracklists) and songs (including lyrics) seem to have gone. You'll find details on most albums including links to song pages below. And, as a stopgap, Garry Gillard has reactivated his old Copper Family pages including the Copper Family songs. 15 years ago, these pages were the base of the now lost content of the pre-revamp Copper Family website.


BBC Archive recordings


Various Artists, Folk Song Today, LP, HMV DLP 1143, 1955

Various Artists, The Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Volume III: England, LP, Columbia SL-206, 1955


Various Artists, A Jug of Punch: Broadside Ballads Old and New, LP, HMV CLP 1327, 1960

Various Artists, A Pinch of Salt: British Sea Songs Old and New, LP, HMV CLP 1362, 1960


Various Artists, Songs of Courtship (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 1), LP, Caedmon TC1142, 1961; Topic 12T157, 1968

Various Artists, Jack of All Trades (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 3), LP, Caedmon TC1144, 1961; Topic 12T159, 1968

Various Artists, The Child Ballads 1 (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 4), LP, Caedmon TC1145, 1961; Topic 12T160, 1968; CD, Rounder 1775, 2000

Various Artists, Sailormen and Servingmaids (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 6), LP, Caedmon TC1162, 1961; Topic 12T194, 1970

Various Artists, Songs of Ceremony (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 9), LP, Caedmon TC1224, 1961; Topic 12T197, 1970


Bob and Ron Copper, Traditional Songs from Rottingdean, LP, EFDSS LP 1002, 1963


Bob and Ron Copper, English Shepherd & Farming Songs, LP, Folk-Legacy FSB-19, 1964


Various Artists, Folksound of Britain, LP, HMV CLP 1910, 1965


The Copper Family, A Song for Every Season, 4 LP, Leader LEAB 404 (LEA 4046-4049), 1971

The Copper Family, A Song for Every Season, LP, Leader LED 2067, 1971


Various Artists, The Brave Ploughboy, LP, Transatlantic XTRS 1150, 1975

Various Artists, The Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 4 LP, Island/Transatlantic Folk 1001, 1975


Bob Copper, Sweet Rose in June, LP, Topic 12TS328, 1977


The Holme Valley Tradition, Will's Barn, cassette, EFDSS VWML 002, 1987

Square Roots (Folk Roots FROOT 001) Various Artists, Square Roots: An Unlikely Selection from the Pages of Folk Roots Magazine, LP, Folk Roots FROOT 001, 1987


The Copper Family, Coppersongs, LP, Vaughan William Memorial Library VWML 004, 1988


Various Artists, Sea Songs and Shanties, CD, Saydisc CD-SDL-405, 1994


The Copper Family, Coppersongs 2, CD, Coppersongs CD2, 1995

Bob and John Copper, Louie Fuller, Gordon Hall, Bob Lewis, Ron Spicer, When the May Is All in Bloom: Traditional Singing from the South East of England, CD, Veteran VT131CD, 1995


Various Artists, Hidden English: A Celebration of English Traditional Music, CD, Topic TSCD600, 1996

Various Artists, New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 3 CD, Castle ESB CD 416, 1996


The Copper Family, Coppersongs 3, CD, Coppersongs CD3, 1998 / 2004

Various Artists, A Century of Song, CD, EFDSS CD02, 1998

Various Artists, World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Volume 1: England, CD, Rounder CD 1741, 1998


The Copper Family, Come Write Me Down, CD, Topic TSCD534, 2001

Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2001, CD, Topic TSCD850, 2001


Various Artists, Unruly, CD, Weekend Beatnik WEBE 9040, 2002


Various Artists, Dark Was the Night: A Tribute to the Music of Blind Willie Johnson, CD, Deep Sea SeaD 8002, 2003

Various Artists, Song Links: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their Australian Variants, 2 CD, Fellside FECD176D, 2003


Various Artists, Song Links 2: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their American Variants, 2 CD, Fellside FECD190D, 2005


Bob and Ron Copper, English Shepherd & Farming Songs, CD, Folk-Legacy CD-19, 2006

Anthems in Eden (Castle CMXBX1030) Various Artists, Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955-1978, 4 CD, Castle Music CMXBX1030, 2006

Midwinter (Free Reed FRQCD30) Various Artists, Midwinter, 4 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 30, 2006


The Copper Family, Coppers at Christmas, CD, Coppersongs, no issue number, 2007

Various Artists, The Imagined Village, CD, Real World CDRW 147, 2007


Peter Bellamy, The Ballads of Peter Bellamy, CD, Free Reed FRRR 16, 2008

Young Coppers, Passing Out, CD, Coppersongs CD4, 2008


Various Artists, Three Score and Ten: 70 Years of Topic Records, 7 CD, Topic TOPIC70, 2009


Various Artists, The Rough Guide to English Folk, 2 CD, World Music RGNET 1261 CD, 2011


Various Artists, You Never Heard So Sweet (The Voice of the People Vol. 21), CD, Topic TSCD671, 2012

Various Artists, Good People, Take Warning (The Voice of the People Vol. 23), 3 CD, Topic TSCD673T, 2012


Bob Copper, Prostrate with Dismal, EP, Ghosts from the Basement GFTB 7048, 2014


Bob and Ron Copper, Traditional Songs from Rottingdean, CD/LP, Fledg'ling FLED/FLLP 3097, 2015


Bob Lewis & Bob Copper, The Two Bobs' Worth, CD, Musical Traditions MTCD374, 2017